About us

This ministry was founded in the fall of 1993 as a rescue ministry to men who were homeless on the streets of Vancouver, BC. It has now expanded to include women and youth, and those hurting for various reasons throughout the Lower Mainland.

The objective of this ministry is to provide a sanctuary where Christian's values are taught and people can learn skills that will result in them becoming productive members of our society. Our efforts include:

  • Counseling by experienced staff - addiction, marital, financial, and other life skills.
  • Training in a variety of basic skills - automotive, Construction, and other trades. 
  • Transition from Institutional settings and homelessness
  • Some temporary accommodations, for those receiving direct help.  

The staff is compassionate and is qualified to make a great impact in the lives of the people that they are working with, staffing includes:

Rob McGrath, the Director of this ministry, has experienced prison life, as well as all types of abuse and has experienced life at its worst on the streets. After a supernatural experience, he over came all of these obstacles, and has been called by God to help and restore the displaced and forgotten.
In the past years Rob has received a full pardon by the government of Canada, Rob is now an ordained Christian minister, and has been featured on programs such as BCTV "THE NEWS HOUR" with Tony Parsons, "Now TV" with Willard and Betty Thiessen, and on National Television, "100 Huntley Street" with Lorna Dueck.

Other members of our staff include honorable men who share the same vision are:

  • Griff Simmonds - Vancouver Police Officer now retired police sergeant.
  • Troy Gaglardi - A capable young business executive.
  • Len Noort - Successful businessperson and homebuilder.

This core group along with others has pioneered long and hard to help rebuild broken families, marriages, young and old people, suffering from addictions and other issues.
We are continually working at various levels to communicate and mentor change in people lives’ whether dealing with the homeless or involve with the prison ministry, as well as our overseas mission to India.

A vision birthing since 1993 is rapidly becoming a reality, as we have been constructing a beautiful facility in BC. With the purpose of cultivating individual lives in so many different ways, Your support and consideration will compliment our efforts, goals and objectives to develop three and half acres with various building, structures and staffing.

Our donors are few but faithful. We are truly grateful for all of them. Their continued involvement enables us to continue in so many ways.

Thank you for your commitment and caring.

Tuesday 7:00PM

Life Skills Training (in-house)


Wednesday 7:00PM

Study time (open to all)


Sunday 11:00AM

Prayer Meeting on sundays


By Appointment

To arrange counselling or prison & hospital visitation, please call 604.515.2723